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Gravity trailer and clip raises excitement

Gravity.jpgA new trailer and a new clip for Gravity have been released and they have gained a lot of recognition. The reason? Well they are frantic, action packed sequences all in one continuous scene, and for the trailer that's a rather unusual choice.

The film from writer and director Alfonso Cuarón, co-written by Jonás Cuarón, leads with Sandra Bullock as one of two astronauts, the other being George Clooney, who are stranded in orbit when the space shuttle they are working outside is destroyed by space debris, and that just happens to be the content of the trailer.

To be honest I don't think I'm spoiling anything by saying Sandra Bullock's character is the one that is stranded out in space alone and has to use her own momentum and ingenuity to travel through space and reach safety - sounds insane but apparently that's what's going to happen and this trailer is how it all begins.

Let's calm down a little first, there's a lot of shouting about how this is all one take and while it may well appear so let's remember that most of what is happening is achieved through effects generated in post-production, the audio is probably also going through a lot of post work, so if this really is one take then thinking about how much you are seeing is post work deadens that initial excitement somewhat.

However the final trailer for Gravity, post production and effects included, is really impressive and builds a massive amount of tension. The effects are marvellous and the whole concept looks superb. I do find myself wondering how much of the film we've seen in this trailer. Is the story just going to be this lone character leaping from debris to debris, satellite to satellite, perhaps listening to the voice of a nearby astronaut aboard a space station and making their way there - Is that really the entire story?

Regardless the opening looks fantastic and really gets the heart pumping. Here's the Gravity trailer through TrailerAddict, watch and get excited:

That's the trailer of the initial accident and it was followed closely by a clip that seemed to be set not too long after the initial accident happens, when George Clooney's character goes after Bullock's stranded scientist. Of course it's hard to tell where in the storyline will be but it does look exciting and again builds tension surprisingly well.

The clip comes through The Playlist and is well worth watching along with the trailer:

I have to say that these two have hooked me on the film and sold me on the concept. I was wondering how it could possibly work out and I think these clips have just answered my question.



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