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August 29, 2013

Will Luther get a screen outing?

I've talked before about the possibility of a film version of the successful BBC television series Luther starring the excellent Idris Elba and adapted by Neil Cross from his own series of books. Now though it seems that the talk is escalating and Elba would be keen to take up...

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Dyatlov Pass Incident trailer reveals too much, true story scarier?

It's been a while since I've seen anything regarding the Renny Harlin film based on the true Russian story The Dyatlov Pass Incident, which is now simply renamed Devil's Pass for the American market, but recently a new trailer appeared and prompted me to go on a little search for...

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Sunshine on Leith trailer, Edinburgh musical with soldiers

I’ve been waiting a while to see how this film turned out and the trailer for Sunshine on Leith looks like it’s going to be an interesting film, one with a lot of relevance today, very strong messages for the audience, and a lot of entertainment too. Oh, and some...

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August 25, 2013

Affleck as the new Batman

The announcement came in the middle of the night for those not in the US, the new Batman had been chosen and it wasn't Christian Bale, he had stuck to his guns and decided enough was enough for his Batman. The new Batman that would replace him, and perhaps only...

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August 21, 2013


Film Two Stars
I was excited about seeing Elysium from the moment it was announced, after all Neil Blomkamp had delivered the excellent District 9 which had been a fantastic film bringing a hard and gritty reality to science fiction as well as a strong story that cleverly related modern social and political...

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Film Four Stars
It's strange turning up at a closed cinema for a film starting at 9am on a Monday morning, it's even stranger to be turning up for a film about a porn star. There were a few jokes beforehand about being embarrassed to tell people what we were going to be...

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August 19, 2013

We're the Millers

Film Two Stars
I watched this film because it was part of a screening day where we sit down to watch a number of films all crammed in around each other. This one was in the middle of a number of films I wanted to see so I thought I would just stay...

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August 8, 2013

Star agrees, new Star Trek should be more original

After Star Trek Into Darkness (Filmstalker review) I was rather annoyed about how much it was continuing to go back to the original films and use their plots, characters and indeed scenes and dialogue. I wanted something new. They've created a whole new universe to do what they want so...

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Deep Throat tries to gag Lovelace film

The biographical film Lovelace which sees Amanda Seyfried playing the adult film actress Linda Lovelace, looks to have hit a snag. Although it's a snag that many films seem to hit these days it is a significant one that without action could see Lovelace being held back. The production company...

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty trailer

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is the latest film from Ben Stiller who is not only starring in the film but also directs - I always forget that his first feature directing role was for Reality Bites - and the trailer looks pretty damned amazing. The great Danny Kaye...

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The Lone Ranger costs Disney, cast blames critics

While The Lone Ranger has failed to gain a decent box office return, in fact it's going to result in a huge loss of up to US $190m or UK £124m for Disney, the blame for that isn't falling at the writers, the director, the cast, or the huge budget,...

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Diana trailer makes an entrance

I've not been sure about the film Diana since it was announced, it just seemed that it was planning to tell the life of a person that no one really knew and those that did weren't talking about her. Her image has become much more than the person ever was...

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It's old, but it's the Oldboy trailer

It's been out for a wee while, but then so have I, it's the trailer for the Spike Lee version of Oldboy adapted straight from the comic book series rather than turning to the film - whatever difference that makes I'm not really sure and I'm not about to read...

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Gandolfini in Enough Said trailer

It's a sad loss to acting that James Gandolfini has died and it is a shame that so many people are going to remember him for his Sopranos role and nothing else, so perhaps his film Enough Said will help people to break away from that series a little and...

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Ronin Reeves in 47 Ronin trailer

There are some great effects in the trailer for 47 Ronin as well as some stunning visuals. I am surprised by the trailer as it is more CG laden and mystical than I thought it was going to be, sort of a cross between an old Sinbad film and an...

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After Tiller trailer is concerning

A doctor murdered by groups who believed he should not be doing what he was doing despite his work being required, not being against the law, and within the code of conduct for doctors. The story sounds like it comes out of Afghanistan, Iraq or Iran, but it doesn't, it...

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All is Lost trailer features Redford alone

I always think of Robert Redford these days as being more of a behind the camera man and only appearing in front of the camera for small, but important roles in his own films. So to see him take the lead in All is Lost written and directed by J....

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The Counsellor new trailer

Ridley Scott's The Counsellor doesn't have an alien in sight thankfully, although it does have an android. Michael Fassbender returns to take the lead of the thriller with stars lined up alongside him with Brad Pitt, Natalie Dormer, Penélope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Javier Bardem, Dean Norris, John Leguizamo, Rosie Perez,...

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Riddick trailer screams Pitch Black remake

I'm not going to say that much about Riddick other than what I've said already, it's Pitch Black the remake, judging from the trailers we've seen so far anyway. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it will be a bad film just because of the trailers, and even if...

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Thor: The Dark World trailer arrives

Well if superheroes are your fare then the trailer for Thor: The Dark World will please you no end. All the expected beats are there and then some, it even has the action coming to London to try and get more of the international audience on board. Oh yes I'm...

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August 5, 2013

Kennedy discusses new Star Wars films

Kathleen Kennedy, the President of Lucasfilm, has been talking about the upcoming Star Wars films and saying a few things to keep the fans of the original films happy and critics of the previous three films hopeful for a return to form for the franchise. Speaking at the Star Wars...

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Miller to join Snyder on Man of Steel sequel?

I have been dubious about whether the Man of Steel sequel that will also feature Batman will follow the course of the graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns. While Zack Snyder has revealed that Batman will be in the sequel and used a quote from the novel to suggest a...

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Berg's Lone Survivor trailer adapted from harrowing true story

Peter Berg's next film does not involve giant robots, nor is it like Transformers at sea, nor is it adapting a board game and stretching the concept so far from the original it's unrecognisable. No, his next film is adapting the true story of a Navy Seal team and their...

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