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Diana trailer makes an entrance

Diana.jpgI've not been sure about the film Diana since it was announced, it just seemed that it was planning to tell the life of a person that no one really knew and those that did weren't talking about her. Her image has become much more than the person ever was to the point that there are no flaws allowed. So how do you make a film of a person like that?

My concern is that it wouldn't be made with truth but that it would present the perfect image that has been created and perhaps reflect the black and white beliefs held about her and her life. The trailer doesn't do anything to really allay my fears.

There are some reasons why I shouldn't be so concerned about the film, and one of them isn't because I'm not that interested in it. It's because the screenplay is written by Stephen Jeffreys who wrote The Libertine, that it's directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel who directed Das Experiment and Downfall, and that it stars Naomi Watts, Naveen Andrews, Geraldine James, Juliet Stevenson and Art Malik, and finally there seems to be no real mention of the Royal family in the cast list.

I say that last part because I do hope that it doesn't turn into churning out the story that the tabloids did at the time, Diana was the people's Princess and the Royal family were evil. That's the black and white story I really don't want to see repeated, I hope the film has something more insightful and truthful to offer.

To be fair the trailer through TrailerAddict for Diana does suggest that there's something a little more than that, it does show a person with real beliefs and feelings. Perhaps it will bring something more than just a Hollywood glossed over afternoon television tale.



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