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Sunshine on Leith trailer, Edinburgh musical with soldiers

SunshineonLeith.jpgI’ve been waiting a while to see how this film turned out and the trailer for Sunshine on Leith looks like it’s going to be an interesting film, one with a lot of relevance today, very strong messages for the audience, and a lot of entertainment too. Oh, and some great Scottish locations to boot.

The film is adapted from the stage musical by Stephen Greenhorn and directed by Dexter Fletcher. It stars Edinburgh, Peter Mullan, Jason Flemyng, Jane Horrocks and the newer talents of George MacKay, Kevin Guthrie, Paul Brannigan, Antonia Thomas and Freya Mavor, and it looks a lot of fun.

The story is about two soldiers who return from Afghanistan and have to fit back into average, everyday life of jobs, family, relationships and just surviving. It looks a powerful story but filled with the music of The Proclaimers it feels like it’s presented in an accessible and entertaining way.

Having never seen the musical this is all new to me, although the locations are very recognisable, this is home for me, except without the dancing and singing...well, actually.

Here’s the trailer for Sunshine on Leith which comes through TrailerAddict and it does look interesting:

I’m really excited by the new, young talent that’s leading the film, especially when they’re backed by such recognisable Scottish and British actors, I’m excited by the focus on Edinburgh and the music of The Proclaimers, but I’m most excited by how the idea will work as a musical film.



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