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Killing Kennedy trailer, Lowe as Kennedy

KillingKennedy.jpgWhen I first heard about the idea for the film Killing Kennedy I was intrigued for it looked to be telling a story about the assassination of President Kennedy that we hadn't heard before, and that's carried through to the trailer, so no surprise there. However I was surprised that this was a National Geographic film.

What especially surprised me is the quality of the trailer which looks superb using some carefully chosen visuals from such a well seen series of events, and just how good Rob Lowe looks and sounds in the leading role.

Killing Kennedy is a film from director Nelson McCormick, who has directed a quite the varied list of television shows, and is adapted from the Bill O'Reilly novel by Kelly Masterson (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com). The novel looks at the events before, during and after the assassination of President Kennedy and how those events affected America and American politics. It takes a bold view, particularly in America, by portraying the actual events and not a conspiracy theory based on gaps in facts and non-facts.

I'm not sure how much of the book the film is going to cover, after all trying to cover all those events is going to take one hell of a film, but even if it just touches on the bigger story and still pushes through with the facts then it will be a powerful film.

However add in the great visuals from the trailer and I think this could be a winner, not to mention the fantastic looking and sounding performance from Rob Lowe. He's not alone in Killing Kennedy either with Ginnifer Goodwin playing Jacqueline Kennedy.

Here's the trailer for Killing Kennedy which comes through TrailerAddict, I think it looks a corker.



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