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Terminator director hired, plans revealed, comic suggests final film

Terminator.jpgThere are a couple of stories around just now about the new Terminator film, and a couple that do make you think about where the franchise is going from here. There's also the possibility of an end to the entire Terminator franchise, something that has to come at some point but would be a tough sell for all those involved or wanting to be involved.

There's also news of who is in talks for the role of director for the new film, and when there is a leaked story like this it usually means that the talks are at a late stage or even complete, so this may well be the new director for the next Terminator film.

So far we know that there's going to be a new Terminator film and that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be returning, although as yet we're not sure if he's coming back as the Terminator yet again, I think there's little doubt of the role even if there have been hints of something different before. After all back in June of this year he said:

”I'm very happy that the studios want me to be in 'Terminator 5' and to star as the Terminator...”

We also know that the script has been worked on by Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier, although it isn't clear the quality of that script or what the story might be, and that hasn't changed.

Now the Variety story is telling us that Alan Taylor is in talks to direct. Who you might ask? Well he's been a director for some good television shows. Most recently Game of Thrones, and has been directing Thor: The Dark World, sounds like a good choice for Terminator and for taking it in a strong direction without arriving with a ton of baggage.

The story also reinforces something we've heard from before, that this film is going to be the first in a trilogy potentially kicking off a new franchise, or will it?

While this first film in the trilogy is about to get underway there's a comic book that's soon to be released which is set in the Terminator universe and is going to put an end to it all, forever…maybe.

A story in The Hollywood Reporter reveals that the superb J. Michael Straczynski is writing the latest instalment in the comic book series for Terminator and SkyNet, and the events will be earth shattering, or perhaps silicon shattering.

The story for Terminator Salvation: Final Battle will look at the end of the war of man and intelligent machines, as the title suggests, or is it?

"Hopping between the future and the past, this sweeping, 12-issue epic counts down the end of the Machine War -- but not the one fans expect! Everything's at stake, and the fates of Skynet and John Connor will be told!"

That's what the blurb for the comic says and that gives us more intrigue than it does the possibility of a conclusion. It's an end, but not the one we expect - does that mean the machines win, there's a peaceful truce, or is it that there's an end to the war that doesn't actually end the war and allows for more stories?

It's as intriguing as it is puzzling. There I thought that it was going to mark the end of the franchise and there's a hint that it might just be a game changer that will allow the stories to continue. That or it could mark a very unexpected turn of events in the story.

Whichever way it is there's something coming and there's a good chance that it could make it to the big screen. Will this trilogy mark a third film that ends the war? Will it mirror the comic book story?

The bigger question is would any company that owns the rights to the Terminator franchise, because we all know that changes hands faster than there are sequels, take the chance at ending the cash cow, however cursed it might be, that is the Terminator?

Anyway, no one could end the series apart from James Cameron.



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