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March 25, 2014

Half of a Yellow Sun

Film Four Stars
This year at the Glasgow Film Festival the number of lower ranking choices on my watch list that I ended up having to see due to scheduling conflicts was much more than normal, but that isn't such a big surprise. What is a surprise is how many of these films...

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March 21, 2014


Film Four Stars
Another surprise of the Glasgow Film Festival for me was the film Concussion. When I first went to see the film I wasn't sure what to expect, what I didn't expect was a cleverly written film that is more an allegory for the mid-life crisis and a look at long...

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Mystery Road

Film Three Stars
I've seen a few Australian thrillers in my time at the cinema and at festivals and it's been pretty much hit and miss, however I am a big fan of thrillers and the ideas being Mystery Road had me drawn to it. There was also another reason, the Australian film...

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March 19, 2014

Wakolda: The German Doctor

Film Five Stars
Wakolda was perhaps the biggest surprise of the 2014 Glasgow Film Festival for me. It came as a, and I apologise to everyone involved in the film for this, as a third choice film - first choices are films I have to see, second choices are films I want to...

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March 17, 2014


Film Five Stars
Tom Hardy, Steven Knight, and a story that holds the character and the audience inside a car for the entirety are what drew me to Locke. Anything detailed you read of the plot and the idea of the single location may not make it sound like a great film, but...

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March 9, 2014


Blu-ray Five Stars
When I first saw Gravity in the cinema in 3D the visuals amazed me, not the 3D itself, but the way that they had managed to create space and to take the audience there. Not only did they make us believe a film crew had been in space, and at...

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March 4, 2014

A Touch of Sin (Tian zhu ding)

Film Two Stars
This was another film that I saw at the Glasgow Film Festival because of chance. It was down my list of films to see but it happened to fill a gap between some other high priority films - it's always the case that the schedule has to be shuffled around...

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March 3, 2014


Film Two Stars
My interest was piqued when I heard that Salvo was a stylish film following a mob hitman. The main plot overview is something we've all no doubt seen before, the hit gets a little complicated, a woman is involved, and the previously stone cold loner hitman acts against his contract...

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