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April 26, 2014

Die Hard 6 rumours abound

The rumours concerning Die Hard 6 are beginning and they are good. Good in that they are enjoyable and fun to read, and if they came through would be a great thing for fans of the franchise, especially if they weren't fans of the last two. The rumours suggest that...

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Next Terminator: Genesis begins filming, the end of a franchise?

In case you were in any doubt about what the next Terminator film will be doing with the story line let me put it straight for you, it's rebooting it. There have been a number of signs so far, not least the Terminator: Genesis title that it began production with,...

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Will Jurassic World turn it all around?

Colin Trevorrow has been talking about the plans for Jurassic World and mentioning that Universal has a number of Jurassic films planned, this isn't a one off, and he reveals something of the plot for the first in this list, Jurassic World. The hint at the plot suggests that this...

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New Flash Gordon by Star Trek 3 writers

Flash Gordon. Do you remember him? If you do remember what do you think of? The eighties musical, the serialised black and white story, or even the 2008 revamped television series? While I've seen the black and white serial on a Saturday morning and fallen in love with the character...

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Tarantino, why bother suing over an incomplete script?

So you'll all know that Quentin Tarantino was writing a script called The Hateful Eight and was reportedly close to finishing and that the project had the potential to be the his next film. The rest of the news is also public knowledge, especially now. Someone got hold of his...

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April 18, 2014

New X-Men: Days of Future Past trailers are fantastic

If you didn't realise by now the upcoming X-Men film X-Men: Days of Future Past is packed with talent both old and new, we're seeing the joining of the original X-Men actors with their counterparts from the previous film X-Men: First Class, a fantastic reboot, restart and origins film if...

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Fincher's Gone Girl trailer

Who wouldn't be excited or at least extremely interested in a new trailer for a David Fincher film? Do you really need me to reel off a list of films he's directed? Well let me give you the highlights - Alien3, oh come on now, it's not that bad; Se7en;...

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Haggis' Third Person trailer

I like Paul Haggis' work, not because of his last name but because of his talent and some of the films he's written and/or directed - Crash (Filmstalker review), Million Dollar Baby, Casino Royale (Filmstalker review), Flags of Our Fathers, Letters from Iwo Jima, The Next Three Days (Filmstalker review)....

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April 10, 2014

The Zero Theorem

Film Four Stars
I've been holding off on this review for Terry Gilliam's latest film The Zero Theorem for a number of reasons. The most prominent is that I've just not been sure how to write it and put in words what I thought of the film, the other is that there are...

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April 7, 2014

Is Television overtaking Cinema?

The question has been asked for some time now and every year seems to be coming to the fore more and more and being posed in different ways. Is television overtaking cinema? Is it producing better quality and more interesting stories than cinema can hope to deliver? Is it a...

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April 5, 2014

An Inconvenient Truth sequel, the right time?

If you're one of those people that believe global warming isn't happening, that these extreme weather events and changes in standard weather patterns we are experiencing are faked, a standard cycle of the Earth or are going to be magically resolved by some unseen, unheard, unproven and uninterested magical force,...

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Ridley Scott's company producing Halo

Finally someone has the ambition and foresight to develop a Halo film project. However don't get too over excited as it will be a digital offering and will no doubt be heading out on XBox, much like the Steven Spielberg Halo series. The team of companies producing the project do...

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April 3, 2014

Stalked: Trailers for The Drop; Jupiter Ascending; Mobius; Raid 2: Berandal; Edge of Tomorrow; Wolf Creek 2; Night Moves; X-Men: Days of Future Past

I've been keeping my eyes on some of the trailers that have been popping out recently and there are some big ones, but there are also a few smaller films that have stonking trailers and promise a hell of a lot. Here's a selection. There's the big titles with Lucy...

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