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May 21, 2014

Godzilla sequel, surprised? Come on now.

There's a sequel being talked about for Godzilla already after a big opening, apparently the biggest of 2014 to date, and while many are talking about it as though it was a surprise, it really wasn't was it? Looking at one of my local multiplexes for screenings tomorrow I can...

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Code Black trailer shows powerful documentary

I'm a huge fan of the Channel 4 documentary series, or reality series depending on how you look at it, called 24 Hours in A&E. The programme uses fixed cameras around one of the busiest and most well respected accident and emergency departments in the UK at London's King's College...

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New Lucy trailer reveals everything?

I was looking forward to Lucy, another action and science fiction film blend written and directed by Luc Besson, and starring Scarlett Johansson, sounded like a lot of fun and some of the early shots from the film looked like a lot of fun. Now I've seen the latest trailer...

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Monsters: Dark Continent trailer, Monsters sequel

I had heard ages ago about a sequel to the very enjoyable and cleverly made Monsters (Filmstalker review), the film written and directed by Gareth Edwards who just delivered the new Godzilla film. Now it's time for the sequel to be seen as a trailer arrives for the film. Monsters:...

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Point Break and The Mummy lose key members, follow revisit path

There's a certain way that the development of well-known remakes goes, and they always stall and stutter. When they're particularly big and well known films, nay even deemed classics or a cult film, they always seem to start off big and stutter and step their way down to being a...

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[REC] 4: Apocalypse trailer arrives

I am a fan of the [REC] series, especially what the second film managed to do to the plot line of the first delivering such a clever turn to events and giving a unique way forward for the franchise. The third film leapt back in time to the instigating event,...

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May 7, 2014

Mikkelsen's dual revenge film trailers

I caught two trailers featuring Mads Mikkelsen, probably the coolest named actor there is, never mind the fact that he's a damn fine actor to boot. Both are revenge films but both are handled very differently both in story and in the way the treatment for the trailer has been...

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Grace of Monaco denounced by Royal family

The film Grace of Monaco has been getting some less favourable attention of late because the American distributor, Harvey Weinstein, wants the director to re-edit the film for that market, something akin to Waterstones or Amazon wanting a novelist to makes changes to their novel before they sell it. Something...

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May 5, 2014

Safety Not Guaranteed

DVD One Star
I'd heard a lot of hype about Safety Not Guaranteed when it first came out, reviews were leaping all over it and initial review quotes I was seeing were praising it highly. It's interesting what some distance and time do to feelings about a film and so when I sat...

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Terminator: Genesis teases details

Terminator: Genesis has really started to tease the fans and not just with casting but with an idea of how it is going to connect with the original films. One of my big fears about the film was how it was if it was going to simply tell the story...

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Grace of Monaco to be dropped by Weinstein?

Grace of Monaco, a film that looks at a small period of history in Grace Kelly's life where, as the Princess of Monaco, she was involved in the political debate between her husband, Prince Rainer III of Monaco and the French President Charles De Gaulle, is in serious trouble in...

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May 3, 2014

Lockerbie Pan Am 103 film being made

When I first read that there was a script being developed and a film planned within the next few years I was surprised. Not that it's too soon, far from it in fact, it actually feels like there's been a little too much time passed and perhaps Lockerbie and those...

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