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Monsters: Dark Continent trailer, Monsters sequel

MonstersDarkContinent.jpgI had heard ages ago about a sequel to the very enjoyable and cleverly made Monsters (Filmstalker review), the film written and directed by Gareth Edwards who just delivered the new Godzilla film. Now it's time for the sequel to be seen as a trailer arrives for the film.

Monsters: Dark Continent is written by Jay Basu who co-wrote The Dinosaur Project and the screenplay for Fast Girls, and directed by Tom Green who directed episodes of UK television's Misfits and Blackout. It stars some recognisable faces from British acting talent including Joe Dempsie and Johnny Harris. Could it turn out as strong as the original?

Well I'm not sure it will. Although the trailer for Monsters: Dark Continent looks strong and does indeed keep a similar style to the original film, but there is that grating choice of music that just doesn't fit well with the images we're seeing. Still, I was surprised at how good it seems compared to the original and how they are keeping from just throwing the monsters on screen. That said, the latter part of the trailer does suggest we're going to see a lot more man on monster action.

Here's the trailer through YouTube for Monsters: Dark Continent.

Yes, it's monsters versus soldiers in the desert. Are we going to find that they've lost the intelligence of the first film and the way it held back from leaping to the monsters and any form of action?



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