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Welcome to Filmstalker's Glasgow Film Festival 2012 page.

See all the reviews and news for the GFF and other Festivals.

GFF 2012 Reviews

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GFF 2012 News

Headhunters remake going the wrong direction? : Friday 9 March 2012
Glasgow Film Festival 2012: The films to see : Saturday 21 January 2012

GFF 2012 Trailers

Cassel in The Monk trailer : Thursday 5 April 2012
Update: New trailer for excellent thriller Headhunters : Thursday 8 March 2012
New Extraterrestial (Extraterrestre) trailers : Sunday 4 March 2012
The Raid: Redemption gains new trailer : Friday 24 February 2012
If Not Us, Who? (Wer Wenn Nicht Wir) trailer arrives : Monday 20 February 2012
Winterbottom's Trishna trailer : Friday 17 February 2012
Jo Nesbø's Headhunters new trailer : Friday 17 February 2012
Extraterrestre (Extraterrestrial) trailer from Timecrimes director : Thursday 9 February 2012
Michael trailer should shock : Monday 30 January 2012
International Black Gold trailer : Wednesday 25 January 2012


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