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Argento Suspiria remake failing

Suspiria_Poster.jpgI'm not a big Argento fan, I know someone who is and he'll drop in some comments soon, but apparently they're working on a remake of his film Suspiria, and have been for some time. IMDB have the date as 2005. However, they've hit some problems, and it's in the script area. It seems the script is too odd for them to rework...something you would have thought would have been obvious from the first reading?

Over at Twitch, logboy has an excellent write up on the story from Bloody Disgusting. Here's some key points:

the planned production-line remake of Dario Argento's 70's classic 'Suspiria' is falling apart at the script level. Why? Because they feel the automatic need to have a plot which makes logical sense - they can't find a way to explain why it's a Dance Academy that's used by witches...

...for those not too directly interested in Argento's work, they're often described as illogical, often described as using drifting and disjointed logic - as you would experience in a nightmare of your own - so imagine being in the script meetings for the remake and suddenly trying to pull the very individual vision into your perceived 'real world' or 'modern business-like approach to movies' that have a primary intent to make large amounts of cash, potentially in pursuit of bastardising culture from other countries.

He makes some great points, so I'm not going to cover the same ground. Except for suggesting that maybe they should have read the original script first and realised?

Didn't anyone see this coming? Doesn't anyone consider it's not just a Directors approach, but the complete meeting of all the elements at play in a movie that make it what it is - the culture, the time, the fashion, the crews' experience, the cinematography, the music, and so on - and not simply an 'interesting story'.



Your joking!?! Who the hell would want to remake Suspiria? I love the movie but there is NO WAY ON EARTH it would work outside an Argento context. The damn fools....

The 70's version has one of the best movie soundtracks ever. And I recently saw it on a projector through a very loud amp. Dis is da bomb (as the kids say).

somebody needs to be kicked in the balls.

why does everything have to be explained in a movie? who cares WHY it is a dance academy. that is one thin that ruined the new black christmas movie. they explained WAY TOO MUCH about billy


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