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Cuthbert is My Sassy Girl

ElishaCuthbert.jpgElisha Cuthbert is set to star in the American remake My Sassy Girl, from the massively popular Korean film, Yeopgijeogin geunyeo. If the movie translates across the water literally then it's definitely marking a particular career move for Cuthbert.

She's been taking roles that are darker and more horror of late, and I think there's a definite move to get away from her screen persona of onscreen damsel in distress. However the story has its own problems, the original features a relationship which happens more or less by accident as a young man helps a drunken lady home one night, after that a friendship grows but she continually rejects him and abuses him.

I assume that according to the news from Cinematical, Cuthbert would be this drunken, abusive woman, and it would be a strong role for her, but will it make it through the translation, and will Hollywood manage to keep from watering down the story so it becomes just another romantic tale?



awwww she'll always be little Kim Bauer to me.

running...in that nice yellow, skin hugging sweater...blonde hair waving...

I'm very very interested to see her get an honest to god "MOVIE ROLE" with meat on it...and see if she pulls it off.

my bud and I were talking the other day and brought up the whole "Whatever happened to Elisha" question...which shows you just how "off the map" she's been for, i'd say, maybe a year or so.

if she's been in anything i don't recall it.


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