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EIFF Day Twelve, Screenings Four...no Three

Well Day twelve has arrived and I've thirteen to go, almost over. Another early start at 9am meant a race through back routes to avoid the road works and get to the Cameo in time. Well I made it, only to find that they've switched screenings on me.

You see when they make last minute schedule changes they use some outdated technology called printing, and they place the announcements, rather quaintly, on a notice board at the EIFF Press office.

I thought I'd managed to get all the updates, but obviously not, I don't know if I've missed one or one has been made. Regardless the screening is no more. Luckily my personal taxi service is returning for me and I might be lucky enough to get a lift out later for the 11am.

So that's Dead Man's Cards out the window. An Inconvenient Truth, The Night Listener, Colour Me Kubrick all remain today.

Kubrick was superb and very funny, even though the woman down from me would laugh at every joke in the style of a child who sees something revealed onscreen, pointing their finger at the screen and going "Aaaahh" in a monotonous tone. Geez.

This was only surpassed by the incredibly powerful, moving and surprisingly accessible An Inconvenient Truth. If you haven't seen this documentary then you need to, and you need to now. It's stunning. Seriously, I was moved to tears at various points, and I'm not one for pouring out and opening up at every sad violin string. No, this does get to you, and you are moved because of the realisation, not for strings in the background and shocking images, you are shocked about the very near future for you and your family.

If you can, get tickets for this on Sunday 27th at 15:30 or 19:20. It's 96 minutes and Al Gore will introduce. You really should go, actually it's sold out, so you really need rent this now.



Richard, I am looking forward to 'An Incovenient Truth' actually and I am glad you think its brill. Do we know the release date for it nationwide?

Here are the dates... This is a movie you cannot afford to miss.

31 August 2006 - Thailand
7 September 2006 - Singapore
8 September 2006 - Sweden
15 September 2006 - Denmark
15 September 2006 - UK
11 October 2006 - Belgium
11 October 2006 - France
12 October 2006 - Brazil
12 October 2006 - Germany
12 October 2006 - Netherlands
28 October 2006 - Japan
3 November 2006 - Mexico
10 November 2006 - Spain

I liked the film, though more for the content than the presentation of same. Gore's passion for his subject is impressive, though.

I actually enjoyed the presentation. So often these things can be very dry and contrived, I felt that Gore was a natural public speaker and came across very well.

Hey thanks Rich! ;D


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