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The Planet trailer online - Scottish Sci-Fi

ThePlanetPoster.jpgOh this really tickled me as a story, and then I saw the trailer and was taken aback. A small team in Aberdeen, Scotland (a place where I lived for many a year) has created a sci-fi film called The Planet which seems to pack a strong story, cool effects, and is already receiving some strong comments. The news comes from PR Web and the story...ach, I've tried writing this out a few times, IMDB have it covered in their plot summary:
A mercenary spaceship ferrying a convict is attacked by a horde of unidentified fighter craft. Forced to abandon their crippled ship the survivors land on "The Planet". Soon they discover that they are not alone, as they battle to survive they begin to fall prey to a malevolent force. A force which turns the souls of their fallen comrades against them. Forming a rescue plan the survivors race to carry it out while they still can. Unknown to the team, the prisoner is also on the planet and his presence there could change the universe as they know it, forever.
Sounds interesting, but you're thinking it'll be very badly created, poor acting, bad effects, etc, etc. Well let me beg to differ with that and introduce you to the trailer [QT:Dload:14.5Mb]. Then take a look at a clip of some action and some acting, and marvel at that superb accent - oh that takes me back - hosted over at iFilm [ActiveX:Embed] which I only managed to get going on Firefox, both Opera and IE failed. What do you think now? You can actually buy the DVD online now, or better still see it at the Aberdeen Belmont Cinema on the 6th September. The DVD features the 71 minute film and an hour long documentary. The film even stars former WFF Mr Universe, Mike Mitchell. So what do you think, have these guys done something above and beyond?



Sounds really interesting. Sci-Fi movies don´t need a super big budget to be imaginative and cool. In fact, we need more brains than gains.

Just stumbled on this feature, which is pretty cool as I produced and did the design work for the movie. Thanks for the comments, its a nice write up.

This movie was pretty hard to make and took over 2 years with a crew of 4 people, so its really good to get feedback now its out there. I'll be presenting the premiere in Aberdeen with the co producer, Kerwin Robertson and writer/director, Mark Stirton. So if you're reading this and live in the area come on down and say hi, I may buy you a drink.

Mike Clark

Mike, I would love to (damn, I'm convinced I know that name Kerwin - did he go to RGIT in Aberdeen?), especially as I live just down the road...unfortunately I'll be in Spain that week. Any other showings?

Perhaps a private showing with some beers, interviews, and a series of features on the site?

Hi Richard,

I can easilly arrange a showing, I'll mail you details later. I think Kerwin did his Architects course at Gray's school in Garthdee, so it may be the same guy. His photo is on the website under crew, he looks like Mr Incredible, from the Incredibles. Or flash gordon as we call him.

His model work on the movie was excellent and really made a difference to the look of it.

Man! I will be in Edinburgh not until Sept 24-26, wrong timing! Enjoy you guys! ;D

As I am at work and my PC doesnt have speakers, I will wait to see this trailer when I get home tonight.

Loved the accents. The trailer sucked. At least the one I watched at YOUTUBE. Bulky fellas with guns and lots of explosions. Um....Pitch Black had the beefy dude and the menace, but had more style and some characterization. :)


I have no idea what this movie was about. I just rented it from RedBox and am deeply confused. I figured they were descendants of Scotty from Star Trek...right?

Star Trek?! Errr, no relation to that film Gary.

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