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Penn to play Einstein?

SeanPenn.jpgHere's an interesting and very cool piece of casting, Sean Penn as the world's most famous scientist, Albert Einstein.

Penn has reportedly read the script by Italian writer\director Liliana Cavani for this joint US-Italian TV film regarding Einstein's life. Cavani is probably best known for Ripley's Game.

From Monsters and Critics:

..."He's read the screenplay and he likes it," RAI's Agostino Sacca told ANSA.

It's an interesting idea, I can't think how many times he's been played on screen, but a film looking at the man himself I think is a rare and quite fresh idea for a movie. It not only sounds a good role for Penn, but it also plays a little on his looks. I think it might be a nice match if it were to come through.



Bummer. First, I think that's about equivalent to having Sylvester Stallone play Einstein, second now I know I won't go see the film.


I'd say that Cavani is best known for THE NIGHT PORTER, which is often cited as the film that inspired all those nazi-sexpoitation films in the 70s and early 80s, even though The Night Porter is a bonfide art-film. Criterion even offer a nice version of the film on DVD.

Oh, since you mentioned Ripley's Game, I'd like to add that this is comfortably the best Ripley Adaptation out there (and one of the best films of the past couple years) It was a real tragedy that it never got a theatrical distribution here in North America, and most people had to find this gem on DVD.

Oh okay Triflic, I missed that one on the scan of his history, Night Porter with perhaps one generation of audience (that means me too, I'm not saying you're old!).


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