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Miller denies Sin City 2 problems

FrankMiller.jpgThere were wild rumours of problems on Sin City 2 earlier in the week, and now it seems they're turning out to be just that as denials come from Frank Miller's lawyer.

According to the previous rumours:

...Angelina Jolie is pregnant again...there's a growing rift between the two talents of Roriguez and Miller, although there's no source given for this. They do say that the've heard that the cast have been talking to Miller about the project instead of Rodriguez...

At the time I did say that it felt full of rumour and speculation and that the two had been added together to give a different number. I mean if Jolie is pregnant, well they can either shoot now, later or just cast someone else, it's not a big loss and has happened to huge numbers of films before.

As for Miller and Rodriguez not talking? Well Comic Book Resources through Cinematical have the answer:

I've been told by Frank Miller's attorney, Harris Miller, that this is incredibly incorrect and there's not even anything yet to which to call a halt. "Frank's working on 'The Spirit' and his comics work, and Robert's working on 'Grindhouse' and other projects. Nothing's been set yet and nothing's been altered. There are certain discussions that must take place before the sequel is scheduled, and those talks haven't even begun. . . . . And Frank and Robert aren't having any disagreements, significant or otherwise."

The lawyer goes on to email the author and call this Cybercrap. Well that irks me, it's not Cybercrap it's just rumour and gossip. Just because it's written electronically on the Internet does not give it a new name. Oh and something cannot be "incredibly incorrect" it's just incorrect.

Anyway, thankfully the rumours and wild speculation were just that, and we'll have to wait for the two big guys to get together to hear something concrete. Roll on that day.



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