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Poltergeist remake confirmed?!

Poltergeist.jpgTalk of a Poltergeist remake, sequel or prequel has been heard before, but rumour today has it that it's going ahead, and it's decided to be a frame by frame remake without the original cast.

Poltergeist was a cracking film and pretty damn creepy. It was made by a now seemingly bizarre collaboration of Steven Spielberg (he who denounces TV programmes for violence, etc and saw this re-rated from an R to a PG) and Tobe Hooper. Rumour has creeping around for sometime that the script entitled Poltergeist Kayeri was to be made, but this news from Bloody Disgusting through AITH puts pay to that.

I've just received official confirmation that the original idea for "Kayeri" will NOT be used for the remake, instead the new film will be a straight-up remake of the first film... pretty much frame-for-frame. Just think Hills Have Eyes...

Although Clint Morris did write the original "Poltergeist Kayeri", it's not believed he is part of the new project.

In addition, I can also confirm that Zelda Rubinstein, Craig T. Nelson and JoBeth Williams will not be part of the remake.

Frankly I think this stinks. A frame by frame remake is perhaps the worse news we could have expected, and it pains me to try and think what they could possibly see in this other than raping the original story to bring to a new generation who haven't seen it, add buckets of gore and horror, and try and cash in. Oh, hey, slap it onto Michael Bay and let's see it made in the style of all these other recent horror remakes with fast cuts and MTV styling, that'll really make a cash cow.

However, there perhaps may be some redemption. The Hills Have Eyes (review) was superbly done and managed to totally scare the pants off me. Perhaps they could do it, and do it well. It depends on who gets handed the production and direction. Remember frame by frame remake doesn't actually turn out that way, so there could be scope for things to go well or the same way as so many horror remakes of late.

Talk of the Poltergeist remake may have been shortlived and just another rumour gone mad, again. However the denial is as sketchy as the claim, so there's no real idea what's going on. The denial comes from an anonymous source over at a big Poltergeist fan site called poltergeistiii.com through MoviesOnline:

This what I received from someone who was connected with the original film regarding the alleged remake: "there is NO truth to this...it is all bullshit..." I've also heard from another source who received this quote from MGM/Sony: "it's possible, and it has been discussed before, but heard nothing about it lately".

I think that it's probably not on, and never has been. If anything this has just been a quick check to see if there would be a postive response, or they've seen the negative comments and pulled it. Really though, I think it's all been the rumour mill coming out with a far out one.




If they want to introduce this movie to the new generation then remaster the film and release it in the theaters. The movie is just as creepy and scary as it was when I was 10 years old.

I couldnt agree more Meli.


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