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Search improvement, Polls, and advertising

Hi there, quick improvement on the site, the search facility now highlights the reviews properly. This means that in the search results you'll see the appropriate icon next to any review along with its star rating. Small and subtle but I'm finding it a great help in searching easily for past reviews.

I have on the work list to create a categorised search, so that you can search through reviews only, or features only. It's a long work list though!

What else has happened? The advertising is starting to settle down as I work out what's good and what's not. Most of the adverts pay out if you click through and buy something, except for the knickerssample (which is a favour for a friend) and the standard Google ads which also pay by impression.

So far that's all netted the site next to nothing, and I really mean that. The plan is to try and spend some time to expand the other click through adverts to more of a worldwide appeal rather than UK based, these are really just to get things moving and see how they fare.

If you're interested I purchased from Play-Asia just last week and my new game arrived. Good service and it works well, and very cheap. Well worth looking into, and that one is international.

One more thing. On the Hub page you'll see that I'm keeping track of the results of the last two polls. Thought that might be of interest. I'm testing out some new polling software that will allow me to show the results from the polls rather than retype them, but it's difficult finding the right software. If anyone knows of free poll software that doesn't redirect you to another page for the results and displays them in situ, then I'd love to hear about it.

Think that's it. Next thing I'm trying to work on will be a big piece of work but it might deliver some really nice features for you...more on that as it happens.

As always, any suggestions or comments then let me know.

Take care and keep reading...Richard.



I have found click through adverts rubbish, maybe you will have better luck with them than me though.

I would recommend Text-Link-Ads though, they don't take up much space and once people purchase them they tend to reorder them every month. They won’t make you rich anytime soon, but could easily cover the server costs and such.

Do you know anyone in the Blogads network to invite you in, that seems a pretty good way to earn revenue?

Thanks BITH. The click through's aren't really doing that well, but it's something. Hence why I've moved them down the page and pulled the Amazon and Google up.

I'm not looking to get made rich, I've been there! ;) I'm looking to cover costs of Filmstalker and pay expansions, etc.

I'll have a look at textads. I've not looked at Blogads as yet.

Most of the adverts pay out if you click through and buy something

Richard, I'm already a member of Amazon UK and buy a lot from them online, are you saying if I click on the advert directly from FS and that's how I purchase my products from then on, the site gets revenue from it?

That's right Simone. Not much, but something.

HAHAHAHA, dont worry I'll buy a lot so hopefully that will cover a few things. ;) Same with HMV, cause I buy there regularly too.

Thanks Simone, much appreciated. Won't cost you anything extra.

"The plan is to try and spend some time to expand the other click through adverts to more of a worldwide appeal rather than UK based"

I use cj.com (Commission Junction) for US and worldwide click through adds, as with the UK ones I don't really make any money from them though, but one lives in hope.

"I'm not looking to get made rich, I've been there! ;) " ... LOL

If you clcik my name it will take you to a post on my personal blog which has my thoughts on Text-Link-Ads.

Rather educational bless you, I presume your subscribers might possibly want far more writing like that carry on the good effort.

Extraordinarily enlightening thanks, I do think your trusty readers would certainly want more articles like that continue the good content.


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