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Walken to play Ozzy Osbourne?!

OzzyOsbourne.jpgThis has to be the weirdest news I've heard since...well ever. Christopher Walken is to star as the legendary rock god, Ozzy Osbourne on film.

Unfortunately it's not a film about the life of Osbourne, it's the upcoming film about Mötley Crüe called The Dirt, and he's set to play a cameo as the out of his head singer.

"The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band" set new limits in tell-all confessionals. The 448-page tome catalogues the drug and alcohol abuse, nasty infighting, and sex parties of Neil and band mates Tommy Lee, Mick Mars and Nikki Sixx...

...Osbourne toured with Motley Crue and was friends with the band, and his antics, as recounted in the book, include snorting a line of live ants (while looking for a fix of cocaine) and taking LSD every day for a year "just to see what would happen."

According to comments made on ABC News Radio by Vince Neil, lead singer of Crüe, and found through ABC News, the actor is not the only big name to play a rockstar of the era, Val Kilmer is also set to play Dave Lee Roth!

Now that's amazing casting, but really I can't see it. Kilmer isn't exactly the shape that Roth was in back then, could he get himself all fit again for the part? Can Walken play Osbourne? It all sounds a bit crazy and speculative to me...but, wouldn't it be good?



LOL! Oh my - this movie project is going to be crazy. The book is outrageous. I think if the rumors are true about Walken and Kilmer I'm happily in. As is I'll have to see it when it comes out because my fiance is a huge Crue fan.


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