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Ils (Them) to be remade!

Ils.jpgJust recently we heard that the makers of Ils (Them) were remaking the Asian horror The Eye and were being considered for Saw IV. Now news is that the film that got them noticed is to be remade as well.

Ils, or Them, (review) is a superb horror and it's no wonder that they were picked up after this film, and I urge you to try and get to see the film, it's a cracking horror that'll give you plenty of frights.

According to Bloody Disgusting it's going to retain the name although in the English translation, Them.

A script has apparently already been written and the first draft goes to Christopher Borrelli who also wrote the soon to be released Whisper.

Ils is based on a true story, a story that is pretty horrifying and superbly executed on screen. The film shows a couple who have just moved into a remote farmhouse in southern France. During the night strange events start occuring, the phone rings and there are strange voices on it, there are noises and lights outside, and suddenly They are inside the house...



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