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Boyle's Sunshine trailer online

Sunshine.jpgFinally the trailer for the Danny Boyle directed and Alex Garland scripted Sci-Fi film Sunshine is online.

It stars Chris Evans, Cillian Murphy, Michelle Yeoh, Mark Strong as well as some other well known actors, and it tells the story of the second mission to the Sun to try and re-ignite it after it has started to die. While going there they need to find out what happened to the first mission.

The trailer is over at vmix.com through the excellent Twitch.

I actually think it looks pretty good and has some very good shots in there. Although it does seem to give you plenty of direction as to where the story is going to go. What do you think? Hopeful for this?



The trailer looks good actually. Hmmmm...

This message I hope reaches the one known as The Snow Leopard:

You left a comment on another blog asking the writer to write a story about Sunshine, but you said it was Steven Frears' Sunshine. Where did you get that he was involved in this project at all? This is Danny Boyle's film. I would have told you on that blog, but I am banned from leaving comments there. I think you all know which one I am talking about.

Anyway, I hope you get this and it clears up your confusion.


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