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Stalked: Brosnan, Grace, Pena and Time Travel FAQ

MichaelPena.jpgPierce Brosnan is working to develop the Leonard Wise novel The Big Biazarro into a film and hopefully as a starrer for himself. Currently it is being written by Vondie Curtis-Hall who has been in front of the camera much more than behind, and is responsible for directing episodes of The Shield and Sleeper Cell and recently wrote and directed Waist Deep. The story as told by Variety through Coming Soon sounds like The Color of Money, where a veteran international card player mentors a headstrong and very talented young player. Yeah, sounds just like it but with cards.

Topher Grace has been signed to the Sci-Fi thriller Source Code written by Ben Ripley writer of Species III and IV. The plot, according to Sci-Fi Wire, will be about time travel, and that's all that's being released.

Michael Peña, who I think is a cracking actor, has signed up for Lions For Lambs alongside Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep and Robert Redford according to Empire. He's set to play an Army Ranger wounded in Afghanistan and starts off events which connect seemingly unrelated lives, that of a US Congressman, a Journalist, and a College Professor. Directed by Redford, the story is written by Carnahan Number 2...or 1, whichever it's Matthew Michael Carnahan, brother of Smokin' Joe. Smokin' Matt also wrote The Kingdom, State of Play (US version) and White Jazz, so big credits all the way. Well done to Peña for getting what sounds like another cracking role amongst some big names.

From the writer of Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel, Jamie Mathieson, we hear that the film has completed principal photography. There was a big party and lots of emotional moments, and now it's onto the next stage and more hard work. As he says on his blog:

When my script first got optioned, I asked Justin when I should celebrate. He said "When you're sitting in the cinema and the credits roll." That was almost two years ago. I still haven't celebrated.

It's a long, long road.



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