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Margaret Thatcher's Falklands War film

MargaretThatcher.jpgMargaret Thatcher looks set for the film treatment, and the time period is probably one of the most exciting in recent British politics without getting too close to the current Prime Minister.

The story is set to focus on the seventeen days that led up to the Falklands War in 1982, a war I remember vividly as I followed every moment as it happened. It sounds like the film might concentrate more on the politics and behind the scenes decisions, with it beginning as the decision is made and the departure of the Task Force and ending when they arrive at the Falklands.

The War was a defining moment in Thatcher's term as Prime Minister, her popularity was down but as Argentina invaded the British ruled islands she decided that the country would go to war to defend the British residents, and that decision won her huge support from the British public. At the same time she was fighting for her position within Parliment.

According to Variety the film is to be written by Brian Fillis and partly financed by one of the groups behind The Queen, Pathe.

Remember the rumours about Oliver Stone taking on the story of Thatcher? All rumours of course, but now that there's a script being written and with The Queen having done so well, is there a chance? I think not!

I think this will be a powerful and tense film, but I can't help but feel we're missing out on a lot by not seeing a film about the War itself. Perhaps we will see that come true if this film is a success.



I wonder who they would cast as Thatcher?

There were a lot of rumours back then that the people who made the "Wild Geese" and "Who Dares Wins" were going to make a Falklands War film.

I always remember a quote from some years later, "Fortunately we were spared the sight of Roger Moore 'Yomping' across the Falklands".

Interestingly, the question I posed as to who will be cast as Thatcher is the discussion in the Guardian blog today.



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