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Colossus computer film remake

BrianGrazer.jpgBrian Grazer, the man with crazy hair, is looking to remake the 1970 science fiction classic Colossus: The Forbin Project with the possibility of Ron Howard directing.

The Colossus film is about a supercomputer that is built by the government for protection, however it becomes self-aware and starts taking complete control of all systems in order to protect humankind from themselves.

Yes, it does sound familiar doesn't it? It seems to be one of the building blocks of many science fiction films that are out there today.

According to Variety Jason Rothenberg is writing the script from the novel by D.F. Jones and that this film will use several of the Colossus novels to pull together to make one Colossus film.

I'm mixed on this one. It's another remake of course, but this one could be remade really well. There's much more these days to control and to be kept in control by a single, sentient, computer system. Remember that this isn't a system that decides to wipe out the human race, this is one that is protecting them and trying to keep them alive.

Yes I've talked myself into liking this project! What about you?



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