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Could Poltergeist IV be real?

Poltergeist.jpgThere's been talk of a fourth Poltergeist film for quite some time and it's been on and off more times than that television with the static on it. Now though, it's currently turned on and there's a bit more pf a picture than before.

The rumour is that the co-writer of the first two Poltergeist films, is back on board and is writing a new Poltergeist film called Poltergeist: In the Shadows.

According to Clint's sources at Moviehole the film is in the early stages of development and Michael Grais has been enticed back to the series.

The good news is that this is heading to the cinema, not the DVD, and the sources tell Clint that the series is going to be taken in a new direction. Now that really is good news.

You see the problem with these sequels is that they try to follow on from a story that has already been told, and when they do they don't try to tell something new, or to do it in a new way. That's when we get the rubbish sequels and prequels, but try something new, look at the story from a new angle, and maybe there's something there to be told.

Still, I feel that the Poltergeist story has been told already, and there's not much call to revisit it all for me.



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