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Eli Roth agrees with Filmstalker, trilogies are bad

EliRoth.jpgWell there I was writing a feature about trilogies and if they can really work, and along comes Eli Roth and agrees with me, trilogies don't work, and he's not going to let Hostel follow that proven route.

He says that the two Hostel films say it all, and manufactured plots which bring characters back aren't for his series. Here's what Eli Roth had to say when questioned by MTV over at their MTV Movies Blog about a possible Hostel 3.

"I hate a lame third sequel, and I don't want there to be one," Roth said. "I wish 'Beyond Thunderdome' didn't exist; I wish there was just 'Mad Max' and 'The Road Warrior.' I really wasn't crazy about 'Spider-Man 3.' I wanted it after 'Spider-Man 1' and 'Spider-Man 2,' but with 'Spider-Man 3' I was really disappointed when I saw that film; that will never happen with 'Hostel.'"

So Roth is off to work on Cell and Trailer Trash and there's not going to be a Hostel 3, well not on his watch. To get into the trilogy debate head over to the Filmstalker feature.

I'm really excited for Hostel: Part II, but I'm convinced there's still going to be an original idea there for a third installment. What do you think?



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