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30 Days of Night sequel considered

30DaysofNight.jpgThere's two pieces of sequel news today, the first being that 30 Days of Night is already planning a followup, and from the footage we've seen already I don't think that's a big surprise.

The trailer we've seen already has been pretty promising, and the story itself is strong. Remember it's about a town in Alaska that is just entering that period in the year where they will endure a whole month of darkness, and that's just when a group of vampires arrive for a month of feasting. Now the residents have to survive the month.

Cinema Blend's trusted inside source has given them the rumour that the 30 Days of Night sequel is already being talked about, and they are merely waiting to see if the audiences like it on release.

Well there's nothing that surprising in that story. Many films go out to the cinemas with the studio looking to make a second one, and always on the proviso that if it doesn't attract the crowds and the money then it won't get made. So we'll have to wait and see.



Now don't get me wrong but the film does look really good and interesting but a sequel? I'm guessing the second film would be more or less the same. Another month of darkness and surviving. I reckon the sequel would be the more or less the same story as the first (but slightly different) and feature different characters (of course) and one or a few from this upcoming first film.

We'll have to wait and see.

the graphic novel has the continuing story already. i forget her name but the girl becomes a vampire hunter while touring on a book tour for her book about what happened to her in alaska. its all about how vampires start to show up all over the planet, they start to come out of hiding and people take notice. so this war against vamps hits the streets and yeah.. its something around that. but it doesn't go back to the actual 30 days of night in alaska.


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