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Margaret Thatcher, Lord Nelson and Upstairs, Downstairs films

JulianFellowes.jpgPathe and BBC Films are co-producing some rather interesting films. There's the previously announced Margaret Thatcher film, the story of Lord Nelson's lover, and a film version of Upstairs Downstairs.

I'm really interested in the film about Margaret Thatcher, simply called Thatcher, and the look it takes at the pressures the British leader faced in the seventeen days prior to the decision to go to war.

I'm not so interested in the film about Lord Nelson and his lover, Emma Hamilton, however there is something strong in this line up and that is Julian Fellowes is writing the script, and he's a cracking screenwriter. According to Variety the plot is:

"Emma and Nelson" is the story of Emma Hamilton, the mistress of the 19th century admiral Lord Nelson, whose victory over the French fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar was one of the key turning points in British history. Mrs Hamilton played a vital political role ahead of the battle, but after Nelson was killed the British establishment turned on her.

Now that sounds interesting, especially with Fellowes writing. However I really can't understand the appeal of Upstairs Downstairs. This was an old BBC television show that showed how at the start of the 20th century a family and their servants deal with the loss of the family fortune.

It really is quite a strange choice for a film and I can't quite figure out what the appeal could be, no problem on the other two films, but Upstairs Downstairs?



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