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Darkchylde film at WETA

Darkchylde.jpgDarkchylde is a comic that seems to have a very passionate and lengthy following, and the coming film adaptation can't really afford to fail, not with the devoted fan base it boasts. So the fact that WETA are on board to create the effects is good news, and the first test shot is online.

Saying that it isn't that exciting and actually comparing it to some of the work from the comic I think it's a huge let down. However I'm not a Darkchylde fan and I've never read a single page of the story so I'm not one to judge. However that's something I'm going to remedy.

Over at AICN they have the first shot, myself I'd prefer to look at some of the comic shots of the character...is that wrong? They also have some word of the project from creator Randy Queen about who is involved...

“...5 time Oscar Winner Richard Taylor (King Kong, Lord of the Rings) and Weta Workshop, and Dark Horse (Hellboy).”

The quotes are unsourced, but Bloody Disgusting reference the same quotes to Newsarama.

The story of Darkchylde is about a gorgeous teenage girl called Ariel Chylde who carries a curse that allows her to change into different creatures from her nightmares. Every time she changes a different creature uses her to come through to this world. From there on she has to chase them down and return them to their own world.

Sounds quite interesting, and they seem keen to produce something that is true to the original work but is also a strong film in itself.

“We have the A list team, and our expressed goal is to produce an original, beautifully shot, atmospheric horror film, played very straight and very dark, ala a modern Carrie or Ridley Scott's Alien, with a wicked, sexy cool Underworld vibe.”

Well it all sounds good, but I think they need to work on the young lady to play the character of Ariel. Who do you think would be best suited for the role?



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