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Food in Films

MysticPizza.jpgI can't remember why but I was thinking about food in films, possibly because I was cramming a pizza in my mouth at the time, but I started to think, just how many films are there with food in them?

As I started coming up with film titles I realised that there were a couple of ways that food was in films. There are films that are all about food, films that just have food in the title, and films that are related to food, and somewhere they all cross over.

So I was off, and I'm salivating already...

First I thought about films with food in the title, and straight away Mystic Pizza came to mind, and it's been ages since I saw that film, and the most memorable moment is the Porsche getting filled with manure. Well I think it was manure!

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory popped up too, both versions are good films, but I love the original, and that really is filled with food.

Other titles I thought of were Fried Green Tomatoes, American Pie, Dumplings (Gaau ji), Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Chocalat, and loads more, however I'm going to pass that over to you and see how many more you can come up with.

I found that I was also picking out film where the title had food in it but the film wasn't anything to do with food. Hard Candy (Filmstalker review) is probably the best example of that. A child holding a man hostage and torturing him doesn't really have any grub in it at all. Layer Cake, A Clockwork Orange, Meatballs (could this be a planned remake?), more examples of films that really don't have anything to do with food in them.

Although saying that there was one title I wasn't sure about Solyent Green. Well it is about food in a way, just not food as we know it! It's also an excellent film which holds up surprisingly well to the test of time and is perhaps more relevant today than it ever has been.

That leads me onto the topic of films that are related to food in some way, I guess Solyent Green falls into that category, but there are others too. Who’s Killing the Great Chefs of Europe? Is a film that is being remade right now. The Cook, the Thief, his Wife, her Lover is another fine example.

We could even go as far as suggesting films such as Super Size Me and Fast Food Nation, both more informative films and most definitely about food.

Sideways (Filmstalker review) is perhaps stretching it a little, although it is a great film and red wine is something of a staple dietary addition!

I have a feeling if this feature works well that we might tackle another subject, the best film food scene, but for now what films can you think of that has food in them in some way, either the title, in the film itself, or is just in some way related to food. What's the weirdest food connection you can get?



Watched Bugsy Malone on TV the other day there. Do the custard pie splat guns count. If so then one of the greatest food scenes in a film has to be the fight at the end - with the finale of 'I Could Have Been Anything that I Wanted to Be'.

Ooops - that was your next feature, wasn't it?

It was, but I wouldn't worry...you can add it into the next one too!

I am sure those were lobsters in brine Rich - I have watched Mystic Pizza so many times! LOL

What about that most famous orgasm scene in a New York deli in the film When Harry Met Sally? Most films showing Italian-American culture abound with food including The Godfather, there's always a scene showing the kitchen with them eating and making pasta, right in the middle of 'going to the mattresses'! In the film Crossing Delancey the focus is more on pickles or gherkins as we know it and same in Moonstruck, where most of the memorable scenes are filmed in this nice Italian restaurant in Brooklyn or right in Cher's kitchen. In animation, we have that feast scene in Beauty and the Beast with a catchy Be My Guest tune. Just having seen The Family Stone recently, there's even a recipe called Strata that the character of SJP makes for X'mas dinner.

Then we've also got Waitress, No Reservations and Ratatouille coming out soon!

Now because of this topic, I am having that supper a tad early! :P

I just wanted to say that a little over a month ago I was in Mystic, CT and walked right past that pizza place. Yay!

Jonathan, you could have gone in and ordered the House Special and told us about it! :D

I like the movies that have fod in the opening title sequence. Waitress springs to mind. But even better is the Napoleon Dynamite opening credits where they're all written with mustard and ketchup and various food items.

Also, anyone sen the segment Dumplings within the movie "3 Extremes?" There's some food for thought for ya.

I always liked the appearance/reference of Big Kahuna Burgers in Reservoir Dogs, From Dusk Till Dawn and Pulp Fiction.

A bag from Big Kahuna Burgers is also in Four Rooms, and it's referred to in True Romance.

Apparently there's also a Big Kahuna bag in Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion.

Papaya hotdogs in You've Got Mail and Fools Rush In.

The Albert Finney starring film "TOM JONES" has perhaps the most iconic eating sequence. The meal is a stand in for the sex-scene in the film (which couldn't be shown in British films at the time (i believe).

It's a classic. (Probably on Youtube somewhere).

As anyone who's seen American Pie will testify, the American Pie aint for eating.

And I've got my best food scene in a film lined up for the next feature...


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