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Lost Boys 2 gets original cast

TheLostBoys.jpgUnbelievably the direct to DVD Lost Boys 2 has come through with some amazing casting news revealing that some of the members of the original cast have signed up for the sequel.

Corey Feldmen, Corey Haim and Jamison Newlander are all going to be boarding Lost Boys 2: The Tribe, and although they aren't going to be enticing big name Keifer Sutherland back to the fold, it seems his half brother Angus Sutherland might be the next vampire they have to fight.

You have to admit that this really is great casting news, if the rumours from Shock Till You Drop are true that is.

P.J. Pesce is set to direct the film which was scripted by Hans Rodionoff, and there's nothing really to note from these two other than knowing that Pesce has done a fair amount of direct to DVD and video films before.

I doubt this could be anywhere close to the original, but still, if it is true, what a casting revalation.



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