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Faris to play Deep Throat's Lovelace

AnnaFaris.jpgThat's right, I could hardly believe it myself, but Anna Faris is going to be taking on the role of the legendary Linda Lovelace who starred in the, equally legendary, 1972 porn film Deep Throat.

It appears that she's going to be starring in a biographical film about her troubled life called Inferno.

Linda Lovelace leaped to the fore when she appeared in the porn film Deep Throat and raised a controversy when there were claims that she was forced into some of the acts and appearing in the film, and generally abused, counter claims were thrown and everything became very messy and uncertain.

She went on to become an outspoken anti-pornography campaigner and although she kept using the name Linda Lovelace to promote her books, etc. She continually denied the use of it...except for promotion that is, and died in a car accident in 2002.

The events of the film and her involvement were covered in the documentary Inside Deep Throat in 2005, along with all the claims of everything from abuse to Mafia involvement.

From MTV through JoBlo Anna Faris says of the part:

“It's a really deep, dark drama…This would be incredibly intense…It would be the most difficult thing I've done, and I'm really nervous...It's a pretty tragic story...It's going to be a challenge, definitely.

...We've yet to find Linda's husband...That's sort of our hang-up right now....”

It's a big role for her and if the film makes it through to production, which I have no doubt it will, then it could really work out well for her career and propel her upwards. However, controversy will not be far behind with this film, particularly if it takes a specific stand on what actually happened with the film.



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