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Thai horror Body trailer online

Body_Poster.jpgThere's a new Thai horror coming called Body, and although the trailer has no titles in it, there's no denying it is looking both scary and rather disgusting at the same time. There are a couple of scenes in there that I really did struggle to watch, you'll know them when you see them.

The story is about a young medical student who starts seeing a psychotherapist after he dreams about a woman he met in a restaurant. In his dreams a an murders the woman, cuts her body up, and flushes them down the toilet piece by piece.

As the dreams take control of him he starts to feel, and see, the effects on his own body, as the slow process manifests itself on him.

He starts to think that these messages are of revenge from the murdered woman and are meant for the murderer, not for him.

Twitch has the excellent story break down and the link to the trailer, as well as more details on who is behind the film. GMM Tai Hub are the production company behind films such as Shutter.

Watch the trailer because it is worthy of Hollywood budget horror. If you have any doubt about foreign films, or specifically Asian horror, then you should see this, some of these shots are excellent and incredibly strong.

You can see the trailer over at the official site [Flash:Embed] - just click on the title or the link beneath to see the trailer.



Those Asians REALLY know how to make horror movies.


Wow this looks awesome :D. THAILAND is becoming a major force in horror movies. They already have Shutter AND Alone.


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