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Update: Del Toro to make The Champions

TheChampions.jpgGuillermo del Toro is set to remake an old British television series for the big screen. The series is called The Champions, and told of three UN Agents who survive a plane crash in the middle of nowhere by some strange monks. The monks restore them to health and give them some incredible powers in the process.

When they return to the UN they begin using their powers for good, exploring them and learning new things about themselves as the series progressed. It starred Stuart Damon, Alexandra Bastedo and the recognisable William Gaunt.

Now, according to reports from Variety through Jo Blo, the series is looking set for an adaptation to the big screen.

I haven't actually seen the series, but I know of it, and it came out at a time of some very interesting television, indeed the company behind The Champions created other series like The Prisoner, The Saint, The Persuaders, and so on.

Although the storyline doesn't sound anything particularly new, the slant that they discover their powers and how to use them on their missions does add something a little new. It's like they are unsure of their new selves.

What is interesting is that Guillermo del Toro is looking at the film adaptation. The question will be is he going to direct or will he be producing only? I think it might be an interesting direction for him if he was to direct this film. Something a little different from the expected Guillermo del Toro film.

Thanks to Coming Soon I've found the original article from Variety and found that del Toro is set to write and direct the film version of The Champions. This could be rather good, and I love that it's not his usual fare, and I look on that as a good thing.



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