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Samuel L. Jackson takes rubbish roles

SamuelLJackson.jpgAlthough Samuel L. Jackson has produced some great roles, there's a lot to say that he's had some rubbish ones too, and the easiest thing to do there is to look to his upcoming films.

Soul Men and The Man That Rocks the Cradle are two examples of his Snakes on a Plane run of quality.

Soul Men, according to Variety, has just received Malcolm Lee as Director and is a road trip comedy with Samuel L. Jackson and Bernie Mac. They are set to play backup soul singers who haven't spoken in twenty years but are reforming for a tribute to their recently deceased lead singer.

The most interesting part of this story is that Jackson and Mac are going to do their own singing and dancing for the film, now that's saying a lot already.

Then there's the news from Variety through Cinema Blend about his next film called Man That Rocks the Cradle, it sees him play a a live-in nanny hired by a father who has four children and is spending a lot of time at work. Sounds just like that Vin Diesel film The Pacifier, which really did kill his career.

However there's some good stuff in the recent career of Jackson, so you have to wonder what he's doing picking some of these bum roles, both sound pretty awful to me. Yet recently there's 1408 and Jumper, with Resurrecting the Champ and The Spirit coming, so there are some good films there.

To a degree I think that he's still living off that Tarantino hard man image, and not just from Pulp Fiction, there were a number of films that gave him that persona, and since then he's been a real mixed bag.

Is it really that he just wants to keep working? Even so some of the roles in his career have given him real up and down results. How are these two going to make it any better?



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