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Zombie for C.H.U.D.

RobZombie.jpgI was waiting to see if we could find out some concrete news about the rumour of Rob Zombie directing a remake of C.H.U.D. (not the website but the film) - Cannabilistic Humanoid Undergroud Dwellers.

There is a confirmation on the original story, but there's no source or reasoning behind it, just "this has been confirmed". Still, it's worth looking at and realising that Zombie seems to have taken a drop since remaking Halloween.

Remaking John Carpenter's Halloween film could be seen as quite a step up for Rob Zombie from his previous films, after all this is a huge cult classic and inspired so many other films from it, not to mention its own lucrative franchise.

So with his remake doing not so well the news that his next remake is a much smaller and less known film, more within the area of horror that he has made his home in, and that's C.H.U.D.

Of course you could argue that the step down from the more mainstream horror Halloween to this smaller area of horror is due to the executives becoming a bit wiser about what the audience want, and that's not a remake of their classic films, but something that isn't treading on their favourite films.

For me I think it's a bit of a comedown for Zombie. Having not done well on the mainstream, cult classic horror remake, he's going back to the sub-genre of horror he's more comfortable in, and where his own films belong.

Billboard through Bloody Disgusting tell us that Zombie wouldn't commit to whether he was directing the film and if it would be his next one in an interview, Bloody Disgusting do say that the news has been confirmed and that he is indeed making the film, but there's nothing more on that.

The original horror had a series of murders in New York going unsolved, but a policeman, a journalist, his girlfriend and a down and out realise that there's something more sinister going on, and that the murders are due to a group of deformed creatures who live in the sewers. They get together and try and figure out how to stop the creatures from continuing their killing spree. It also starred a couple of recognisable names such as John Heard, Kim Greist and Michael O'Hare.

Is this perfect fare for Rob Zombie, and is it better that he's turning back to the smaller, less mainstream horror films?



I have a hard time believing he'd do another remake. In the latest interviews I heard him do he hadn't decided what he was going to do next, but there were some ideas out there. So until his website or MySpace page announces this project it's nothing but a rumor.

What did you think about his Halloween, and do you think he should return to the smaller scale, unsubtle, gore-fest films?

Rich, I am a huge suporter of anything Zombie does. I think he is very talented and I have so much fun watching his twisted movies and rocking out to his music.

His first 2 were fun and I liked them.

Halloween was fine. He paid homage when needed, kept the original premis and feeling, but made it his own and did a good job. I liked it.

Also, he brings the actors from his previous films with him, which to me means, these people like working with Rob Zombie, which I think speaks volumes.

Now in an interview Rob did say he would like to do something that had like a mystery/crime scene investigation theme to it, and C.H.U.D can be completed as that. Toss in some freaks who eat people and you've got Rob Zombie gold.

Lets not forget that he only has 3 films under his belt, 2 of which had minor budgets.

You can not deny that improvment is apparent in each film, and I see this streak continuing. He sticks to the basics and doesn't try to overdo things like in so many movies these days. Horror has lost its sex apeal and is not nearly as popular as it once was.

Zombie very well may be the cure for the modern horror film

Go Rob Zombie!!

Brad: I'm of the same attitude when it comes to Rob Zombie. I'm a HUGE fan and I will always support a project he decides to work on.


I did like Halloween. And while I am a huge supporter of Rob I did keep my excitement to the minimal because Halloween is one of my favorite horror flicks.

While it was not a perfect movie I loved that Rob showed even more growth with this 3rd film outing. My one hope is that he will step away from the white trash/hillbilly characters in future projects. In Halloween I felt it lessened the character of Michael by showing that he came from a bad home life. However, the point was also made that the child Michael did already have a predisposition nature to harm animals, but even with that it eludes that Micahel became the killer because of his home life and being picked on at school.

The film really picked up for me once child Michael goes crazy in the psycho ward. From there on we're exposed to Rob directing many actors he's never worked with before and I think he did great. He was especially good at directoring the teens.

The movie offered a little extra gore, but not excessive and I thought fit find into his vision of the film. I still have mixed feeligs about the ending, but I did like the prolonged confrontation between Michael and Laurie. I'm looking forward to the DVD release and adding it to my collection.

Heh, I didnt really answer your question completely did I?

I would rather see him continue on growing and do another larger budget film before perhaps making another smaller/independant like flim.

I if he decides to remake C.H.U.D. I will fine with it, but I would rather he do something original and even perferably outside of the horror genre.

In an interview I heard he had said the next project would be an original piece, but I know that minds can change if a project comes along that inspires you. I've also heard him express that he would like to do one more horror film and then try (as Brad said) a crime/mystery type film.

Whatever he decides you can bet that I'll be there in line at the box office.

There's definitely a huge Zombie following, and that's apparent here too, also that it's a mixed following as well.

You're spot on, it's a great point that you can see the growth through the films, and that he is toning down the over the top characters and violence and you can see a subtler and more adult thread coming through.

It would be great to see him tackle other types of project too, but I suspect he will be on horror for a couple more films yet.


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