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Olyphant in X-Files

TimothyOlyphant.jpgTimothy Olyphant has revealed that he is going to be appearing in the new X-Files film, although it will be a small part.

Apparently he revealed all on an L.A. sports radio show that he has been known to hang out on.

The X-Files sequel is currently being titled X-Files 2: Done One, and I'm absolutely sure that's going to change and is just there to amuse us all...if it was in fact created by someone connected with the film!

The casting titbit of Timothy Olyphant comes through a scooper who wrote into Bloody-Digusting with the news. He's set to film during the "colder months", so read December through to February for that one I should assume, and that's all he would say.

What I can't get through my head with the X-Files sequel though is that they are heading to make a stand-alone film. You know the whole alien plot that was running throughout the series and was the core of the first, unresolved film? Well that's gone and we're getting a stand-alone supernatural story.

Now I actually think that's a bad move, unless they have something planned for a third film. They really need to resolve the story and close off the lose ends for the fans, leaving it hanging like that and not coming back to the story is just unfair to the loyal fans out there.

Or are you of the opinion that it should be left with that open-ended and unresolved mystery?

It's not just that though, if there was a huge unresolved alien invasion conspiracy that you'd just uncovered, wouldn't you be more focused on stopping it completely, rounding all the people up, and making sure it was all over for good?

Not for these two, no, they're off to chase after ghosts and such...Mmmm...

Rumour has it that the film is going to explore new territory in the relationship between Mulder and Scully. Maybe they're finally going to get together and in X-Files 3 we'll see their kids take the alien conspiracy story further?



This is an excellent scoop. Well done


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