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Second WALL-E trailer online

WALL-E.jpgThere's a second trailer online for WALL-E that has a rather interesting opening, it's replacing the bulb for Pixar's light at the opening titles, a light that fails to come on.

Is that perhaps a sign? Who knows. What is clear is that this second trailer shows us little of the film but plenty of the heart of WALL-E the robot, and there's already plenty to fall in love with.

The WALL-E trailer has just appeared on MyMarketingSpace, and I've grabbed it for you to watch:

The clip was found through /Film, and I'm thoroughly taken with the character, it's adorable and set to win hearts galore don't you think?

The animation looks superb as well, with a gritty reality to it that makes you wonder at times if it really is animation.

The film is due for release next year and is billed as a dark comedy, and that provides even more interest, a dark comedy from Pixar and with such a lovable character?

The story sees the robot WALL-E abandoned on a planet for some seven hundred years, just amusing himself and tidying things up. However when a spaceship lands he realises what his true calling is, and it's a lot more important than the simple tidying up he's been doing.

Yup, I'm totally hooked.



An animated dark comedy? And with robots? Us geeks will have a grand time!


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