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Caruso talks Y: The Last Man trilogy

Y-TheLastMan.jpgD. J. Caruso has been talking about the screen adaptation of Y: The Last Man and has revealed that he has talked with Shia LeBeouf about playing the lead.

Brian K. Vaughan wrote the story of Y: The Last Man (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), about the last man on Earth after the other men in the world have been wiped out. Suddenly the women of the world are out to use you, kill you, and the world around you is falling into chaos.

So Shia LaBeouf has already been approached, which is no surprise considering the relationship the Director and star have, and he seems like he would be a good fit too. He's dramatically strong and retains that boyish look that could well pass for the teenager that becomes that last man.

The plan, according to D. J. Caruso USA Today through Jo Blo, is to group the instalments into a trilogy. Currently there are forty six books in the series I believe, and the final instalment is due out, and Caruso plans to create the first film to cover about fourteen of those comics with the remaining being spread across another two films.

Nothing like making them fit the Hollywood trilogy model. Surely it would be better to look at the source work and create a screenplay from that and then see how many films it lies with, maybe trimming it down a little to shave off a film or two, but forcing it into the standard three film box before the script is written...isn't that the wrong way round creatively?



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