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UK largest robbery to be filmed

PaperclipMoney.jpgThe UK's largest bank robbery which yielded a massive £53 million bank raid in 2006 is to be made into a film which will dramatise the recent court case which has just resulted in five men being convicted of the crime and facing the possibility of life sentences.

However the film can't go ahead just yet as there are still several gang members at large who are yet to be named.

If the film were to be made now, it would risk contempt of court and possible legal proceedings, as well as the film being used in future court cases. That could really mean prejudicing the whole case.

So the film is merely in the scripting phase in the deal between Oxford Films and Channel 4 and doesn't look set to enter production for about a year.

The director is currently lined up as Patrick Forbes who said, through The Guardian article, that the film would be similar in style to United 93 (Filmstalker review) and Touching the Void.

Here's the report from just after the robbery:

"Gang members driving a car with flashing blue lights and wearing high-visibility jackets and police-style hats tricked the depot manager into pulling over as he drove home from work on Tuesday. After agreeing to get into their car he was handcuffed and driven back to the depot. At around the same time, other gang members posing as police persuaded his wife and young son to leave their home at Herne Bay, Kent, and held them at an unknown location.

The manager was threatened at gunpoint and told his family would be harmed unless he cooperated, police say. After being held for several hours he was taken to the depot, where night staff were bound while the cash was loaded into the truck."

You can read more about the robbery over at The Guardian, a robbery which saw the perpetrators use a seven and a half tonne truck to steal the money from a high security cash storage depot used by the Bank of England.



Not sure what time you find about it and decided to write the story but I have been thinking about this for a while too, it would make a good heist film and I will be very interested to see it!

I saw it yesterday evening, but since I was going out I didn't have the time to write it up.

Sounds like a great story, but then they've never made a film of the great train robbery that Biggs was allegedly involved in either - close with Phil Collins in Buster.

Perhaps it'll never get made because of ongoing cases.


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