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Wolf Man loses Director

MarkRomanek.jpgIt seems to be contagious as Mark Romanek leaves the production of The Wolf Man over budget issues.

The official word is sparse, but gossip is rife. At the moment it seems there was a budgetary dispute and Romanek felt that he couldn't make the film he wanted to.

Although Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins and Emily Blunt are to remain on board (so far) Mark Romanek is most definitely off the project.

Universal, according to Variety, are on the hunt for a new Director and hope to have someone lined up before the end of the week.

Universal say that the budget will be around US $85 million, with a healthy $15 million of tax breaks from the UK, and yet despite that the Director did not believe he could make the project for that amount of money.

You have to give him credit for leaving such a highly visible project such as the The Wolf Man remake because he believed his vision couldn't be made for the budget the studio were giving him. At the same time though you have to wonder if it'll have an impact on his career, it certainly doesn't seem to be having one on the film if he's to be replaced within the week.



Oh god oh god oh god!

They've....They've asked Brett Ratner? http://www.aintitcool.com/node/35454

I know! Late with the stories today, but coming...


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