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WALL-E international trailer online

WALL-E.jpgThere's a new trailer online for WALL-E, the next Disney animated film. Initially the first teaser had hinted that there might be a little bit of darkness amongst this Disney animation, but seeing this new trailer I think we're looking at typical Disney cuteness.

WALL-E tells the story of a lone robot left on Earth after humanity has evacuated the planet. The robot has been left alone, which shouldn't be a problem as he's a robot, except something has happened, he's developed a personality, and now he's lonely.

Then one day a spaceship arrives, and out pops this super cool robot, and it seems as thought it might be a female robot - if there are such things, and this is where the usual Disney six sugar spoon tale begins.

There are some positives though, the computer animation looks amazing with a gorgeous depth of field on some of the shots that makes it look so real.

Here's the new international trailer for WALL-E you:

What do you think? A bit too sugary? I think there might be something there to take the sweetness away a little, but those later scenes make me think of licking your finger, sticking it in a sugar bowl, and then ramming it back in your mouth.



Trailer no longer available.

This is what happens when you're late checking things out! :D

Found the trailer here too: http://www.collider.com/entertainment/news/article.asp/aid/6896/tcid/1

It does look cute, it might end up being a bit too sugary but the animation looks gorgeous. Definately worth seeing on the big screen.

Cheers Michelle, I'll check it out after work tonight.


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