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Wall-E Super Bowl teaser online

WALL-E.jpgThe Super Bowl teaser for the new Disney animation WALL-E has appeared online and although I can't see it from work it's available for you to catch a glimpse of right now.

WALL-E is the story of a robot who is assigned to clean up duty, and this he does without question and living a lonely and unfulfilled existence. However that is all about to change as he begins an adventure that shows what he is destined for, not just what he was built for.

Disney have been kind enough to put the teaser online, although I'm not sure how different it is from the first teaser we saw.

That first teaser for WALL-E had a fair hint of darkness in it, a lot more than previous Disney animations would suggest. However the link from Empire also tells us that early screenings of film footage have created a similar buzz where the audience have been somewhat confused at the lack of speaking characters and the not so gloriously shiny happy story line.

I just hope that they don't panic and think that they have to go away and change the entire film to make it the typical Disney wonderfully happy film, I like to see a little darkness, even with such sickly sweet stories as only Disney can produce.

Thanks to Michelle we also have the YouTube trailer version:



The commercial includes buzz lightyear and woody sitting on a sofa watching tv and woody asks buzz if he has ever met Wall-E and they go on to talk about him. Meanwhile Wall-E is in a white room and having lots of fun with a hoover and yep his little insect friend is there too. It's not dark at all, but really cute and funny.

I think I still prefer teaser 2 showing him on his original planet but that teaser was awesome just for having buzz and woody included!

Oh that is lovely and cute...I do hope there's something a little bit more meaty in it though.


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