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Full WALL-E trailer online

WALL-E.jpgUpdate: The trailer for Disney's WALL-E is now online, and it looks wonderful, links in the main article.

The full WALL-E trailer is due online at 20:00 PST today, that's 04:00 UTC/GMT. Now although I'll be tucked up in bed and sleeping at that time (I hope!), I am leaving you with the necessary links to see it when it does appear.

We've already seen the different WALL-E teasers online, but this is the full trailer and will reveal more of the story and of those stunning graphics.

The trailer is live over at the WALL-E Apple Trailers site and you can see all the high definition links right here, including a little short of WALL-E playing with a vacuum, no not in that way!

Previous article:
The story sees the robot WALL-E abandoned on a planet for some seven hundred years, just amusing himself and tidying things up. However when a spaceship lands he realises what his true calling is, and it's a lot more important than the simple tidying up he's been doing.

It does look a lovely Disney story from what we've seen, but what really does surprise me is just how good the CGI looks, the depth of field and the focusing looks so real and gives such life to the film it's staggering.

I'm desperate to see the trailer, so bear in mind that you'll see it hours before me if you have a look over at the Apple WALL-E Trailer site, or perhaps even the main Apple Trailer site, where it'll appear in full high definition too.

Thanks to Kellvin at Latino Review for the timings.



I never thought I'd see the day when a Pixar film could be tainted by seedy adult innuendo...

"WALL-E playing with a vacuum, no not in that way!"

But there we go. : P

I can find an innuendo in anything don't you know.

Actually you know what I've just realised from your comment? This is Disney-Pixar, for some reason I had it in my head that this was Disney alone.

Is this the last true collaboration? The next Toy Story is all Disney isn't it...I think that's where I was getting confused.

Aww I really want to see this. There were some really touching and funny moments in there. Shame June is so far away!

It does look fantastic and I'm really getting excited about it.

Who needs 3D when you can get quality animation like this that pays so much attention to the backgrounds, the detail, and depth of field.


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