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Ong Bak 2 trailer

TonyJaa.jpgTony Jaa has already shown that he's a leading light in martial arts on screen, simply astounding audiences with his amazing skills and unbelievable stunts on Ong Bak and Tom yum goong (The Protector or Warrior King). Well now he's almost completed the sequel to Ong Bak, Ong Bak 2.

The title may not be imaginative but just watch this trailer and you should be totally blown away by what he's doing. Bear in mind throughout that there is no CGI, this is all real.

Saying that I'm not sure about the Elephants all kneeling before him, but he does pride himself in real fights with no CGI at all. Now that's crazy when you see some of the things he does - especially just seeing one of those opening scenes where he's leaping across the top of the Elephants as they race forward.

For me though the let down with his films has been in the script. Sure the stunts and fighting have been simply stunning, but there's not really a strong script to back that up, and to break out from the martial arts genre shelf and creep into a wider audience he'll need to start producing that too. Ong Bak (Filmstalker review) showed that.

Perhaps Ong Bak 2 could be the film to do it? So far the plot is thin, however it has something special to it. Tony Jaa will play a young man whose village is devastated by deadly bandits of some description. He's in line for execution but a team of martial arts masters. He's taken away and trained in multiple martial arts, including weapons, and with this fusion he looks like he heads off for revenge.

This time Jaa is directing too, and when you see this teaser trailer you're likely to wet your pants. Get ready for action martial arts fans. This comes from Twitch through the excellent Quiet Earth.



a great video shorcut


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