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Poltergeist remake confirmed

Poltergeist.jpgThe Hollywood remake machine is pressing forward as Poltergeist has been confirmed for a remake, finally.

There have been rumours galore flying around about a remake for ages now, but now it looks like it's been confirmed, well as confirmed as the trade source can be.

The confirmation actually comes from another article, one about Darren Aronofsky directing the RoboCop sequel which was already covered on Filmstalker. At the end of The Hollywood Reporter article comes the short paragraph:

"In resuscitating the MGM brand, Parent and company have been looking to the studio's library for ripe remake material. Revamps of Red Dawn, Fame, Poltergeist and Death Wish are all in the works."

See that? A new Poltergeist film is in the works, the others in the article we already know about. Now it doesn't say if it is a remake or a sequel, but over at Moviehole who pounced on the story, they say that it could be based on the last script that was doing the rounds for a film called Poltergeist: In the Shadows by Michael Grais.

There's no other news so far, but it looks like another remake of a classic film that doesn't really seem that old. Are we looking at another half hearted attempt at a remake? I think perhaps we will be.

One of my collegues just discussed it with me and came up with a really interesting point, digital signals and digital TV's mean no snowy pictures anymore. Maybe it'll be based round LCD clouding, or dead pixels?



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