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Tehran film plot

IranianFlag.jpgThe plot for a proposed film from Hollywood entitled Tehran, about an American Professor observing the coup in Tehran during 1977, sounds like a dreadfully contrived and typical Hollywood story.

The film will have the professor falling in love with an Iranian woman whose brother is in the secret police.

He's supposed to be there reporting back to the U.S., and he does, telling them that Iran is becoming a dangerous place during the coup, and that will be backed up by his falling in love for this woman and the danger they are both facing from her brother's new found role.

Richard Regen's script, according to Variety through Coming Soon, was on the blacklist, that list of the ten favourite 2007 scripts from executives and assistants in Hollywood, and one can only assume that there's way more to this incredibly contrived sounding plot than is written in the article.

This does sound like a film being forced to try and create some links between two countries who aren't seeing eye to eye at the moment, and just a little like The Russia House kind of idea. Hopefully I'm wrong and there's much more to it than that.



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