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Poltergeist remake gains director?

Poltergeist.jpgWell there is a rumour that's just surfaced online that suggests that a director has been found for the remake of Poltergeist, and the name is rather interesting because they've not done horror before, albeit not directly horror.

They have done thriller and produced a hugely suspenseful, powerful, and heavily character based film that has some horrific moments in it. The director hasn't yet signed up, but the negotiations are said to be underway.

The director in question, according to Bloody Disgusting, is Vadim Perelman, the director of the excellent House of Sand and Fog and the film The Life Before Her Eyes.

Over at BD they are quite negative about the idea of Perelman doing the Poltergeist remake, and yet I kind of like the idea. If you look at the slow burning and brooding shots through the film and the building of the characters to the rather harrowing, and in its own way, horrific conclusion, you might see that there's something that could make the transition well to Poltergeist.

I would guess the question is really where you want to drop Poltergeist in this genre boxing system used when referring to films, is it horror? Is it thriller?

I think the original Poltergeist is way more thriller than horror, or outright horror that you might think. Sure there are a few moments that spring to mind of scary scenes, but just look at the ending of House of Sand and Fog.

Poltergeist to me is much more of a thriller that really scares you through characters and situations, something that could well be said of House of Sand and Fog, just not to the same level or the same way.

However I don't think that should rule him out, I think he could definitely deliver an interesting Poltergeist and one that is far more psychological and character based than a straight up scare fest.



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