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Wolf Creek sequel possible?

WolfCreek_Poster.jpgWell I'm not really sure it is, according to Greg McLean, the idea would be very difficult to pull off and if he tried he'd be looking at a rating that just wouldn't make it sellable.

It does sound as though he's intrigued by the idea of revisiting the character of Mick, the madman in the outback who kills tourists, but it doesn't really seem like there's much mileage in the idea.

Wolf Creek (Filmstalker review) was a superb slice of horror and was really well handled with some truly shocking scenes - head on a stick anyone? It was shockingly close to real life as it followed a small group of three backpackers who head into the middle of the outback and come across a local who is slightly odd to say the least. Odd is not the word as he takes them prisoner in the middle of nowhere with torture, abuse and murder on his mind.

You'll remember from the film the scene where one of the backpackers is trying to escape his lair and comes across the possessions of many other backpackers and travellers before them showing that they aren't the first to find themselves at the mercy of the killer.

The character of Mick was superb, and really was chilling to watch, and so I can see the attraction to return to him, however Greg McLean just isn't sure how it would work, and I'm not either, but for very different reasons.

Over at Moviehole through Bloody Disgusting he says:

“I'd like to see what else Mick (the killer from WOLF CREEK) is up to in the outback for sure - just not sure anyone else in the world does. Plus you've got to top the first one - and seriously, how much horror can you handle? If I did make WOLF CREEK 2 it would almost have to be unreleasable. Rated XXX. Banned all over the world. Never to be screened in public. That's kind of intriguing.”

I don't see why it would have to top the first one on straight horror and make itself unshowable, is that really how it would be topped? Couldn't they try topping it in the story, but then again Wolf Creek was about the horror, but not the straight gore. The horror was in moments of Mick's unrelenting calmness at what he was doing and his total disregard for the sanctity of human life, they were simply animals and toys to him. That was scary.

There were also the performances, particularly the fear portrayed by Kestie Morassi and Mick played by John Jarratt, and of course McLean's story and direction. The story was good, but it wasn't the strength of the film.

However that's not the reason I don't think it would work, I really do think that it's been done and there's no way to do it differently and still retain the same horror. What else could you do? An origin story of Mick? Well we've seen time and time again that just detracts from what makes the characters horrific in the first place, it takes their mystery and replaces it with a character that you can start to identify and sympathise with, all trying to explain why.

No that doesn't work. Another group of backpackers? Well that's all I can see working, but then it's just more of the same. No, I can't really see it working can you?



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